New Resource Lists Transit Routes to COVID-19 Vaccine Sites

Posted on February 2, 2021

Appointments are still hard to come by at many of the state’s COVID-19 vaccination sites, but when older adults secure one, it will be important they have a way to get there.

That’s why travel instructors from NJTIP @ Rutgers have prepared an online resource list to help people use public transportation to reach vaccination locations.

The list can be found at this link:

The mission of the New Jersey Travel Independence Program (NJTIP) is to increase the self-sufficiency of older adults, people with disabilities, and others by empowering them to use the public transit system safely.

NJTIP has worked with many of the age-friendly initiatives in our alliance, leading travel information seminars in several communities and planning group field trips to familiarize interested older residents with bus and train service in the region.

To learn more about the organization’s work, visit the website at

As New Jersey increases the pace of vaccinations and adds more vaccination sites, NJ TIP will update its list of travel tips about every two weeks.

To get NJ TRANSIT information for a vaccine site not yet listed, travelers can contact NJ TRANSIT’s Transit Information Center at 973-275-5555 or can plan their trips online using the NJ TRANSIT website, Google Maps or the Transit App.

Older adults may have some concerns about the safety of taking public transit before more people are vaccinated, so here is what they should know about COVID-19 protocols implemented by NJ Transit.

Riders and staff are required to wear masks, and protocols for cleaning and disinfection of vehicles and stations have been enhanced since the pandemic began. Hard surfaces such as handholds, arm rests, seating areas, restrooms, and frequent customer touchpoints such as ticket vending machines, handrails, and door handles are now being disinfected on a more frequent basis.

NJ Transit provides a full description of its COVID-19 response and revised procedures on its website.

Feedback or suggestions on the NJTIP list can be sent to [email protected].